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Employee hand injury leads to fine for company

Employee hand injury leads to fine for company
A hand injury sustained by a worker has lead to a fine being issued to an engineering firm.

The employee in question had been operating a 60-ton power press without a fixed guard at the time of the accident.

He had pulled a plate towards himself to make an adjustment when the press came down, crushing four fingers on his right hand.

As a consequence of the accident, Metal Products - a manufacturer of steel pallets and fabrications - was issued a fine of £7,000, as well as being ordered to pay £4,131 in costs.

Commenting on the case, Health and Safety Executive inspector Wai-Kin Liu stated: "Power presses without suitable safeguards are among the most dangerous machines used in industry and the risks are well known."

He went on to say that injuries such as amputation can result when limbs become trapped by moving parts of presses.