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Database of employees accused of misconduct 'likely to be illegal'

Database of employees accused of misconduct 'likely to be illegal'

A National Staff Dismissal Register, which is set to be launched later this year and would contain details of former staff who have been accused of misconduct, is likely to be illegal, according to one organisation.

The database, which will be available to companies by subscription and is being organised by Action Against Business Crime, a partnership between the Home Office and the British Retail Consortium, will enable employers to report former workers accused of theft or other misconduct, regardless of whether they are charged or not.

Commenting on the proposals, a spokesperson for Privacy International said that such a register is likely to cause legal problems, particularly when it prevents job candidates from securing work.

Meanwhile, Edward Cooper, head of the Employment Department of Russell Jones & Walker, commented: "Workers could be victims of the process, with management jumping to conclusions or even 'scapegoating' to save their own necks."