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Tesco suing Bangkok business publication

Tesco suing Bangkok business publication
Supermarket giant Tesco is suing a columnist from business newspaper Bangkok Business News, according to reports in the Guardian.

Trading as Tesco Lotus, the retail outlet claims the writer damaged the firm's reputation when she said it did not "love" Thailand.

Tesco Lotus served a writ to Nongnart Harnvilai, in whose Buzz column the article appeared, six weeks after the story was published.

Ms Harnvila was writing about Tesco's plans to open an additional 130 stores in the country. She said that Thai competitors were in for a tough time, signing off with the comment: "Ha, Tesco Lotus doesn't love Thais."

In the writ, Tesco claimed the article had hurt its image and revealed it is seeking £1.6 million to repair the damage caused.

According to the company's website, Tesco Lotus - which was established in 1998 - serves up to 20 million customers each month.