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Teacher wins £69k in unfair dismissal case

Teacher wins £69k in unfair dismissal case

A teacher has been awarded £69,300 after winning his claim of unfair dismissal, the Wimbledon Guardian reports.

Colin Cook alleged he had been unfairly sacked from King Fahad Academy - a school based in the Acton area of West London which caters for the needs of Saudi Arabian, Arab and Muslim communities in the UK - after exposing cheating.

Established in 1987, the academy consists of girls' and boys' schools and has an overall total of 401 students aged between three and 18. It is funded and run by the Saudi government.

The 58-year-old had been fired in December 2006 after he exposed pupils who were taking notes into a GCSE exam.

During a recent employment tribunal, Mr Cook was awarded £58,800 for loss of earning and a further £10,500 for injured feelings.

The school said it was unable to comment on the final ruling.