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Man gets further compensation for crippling injuries

Man gets further compensation for crippling injuries
A man who was left crippled following a road accident has been awarded compensation, adding to the £950,000 he has already received, the Cambridge Evening News reports.

According to the publication, Peter Carr has been given an additional payout of £750,000 during a hearing at the high court in London.

The money is intended to help the 46-year-old meet the cost of the care he is receiving and the special measures he has had to take in order to cope with his condition.

Mr Carr had been driving to work in October 2005 on his motorbike when he was struck by motorist Terence Mahoney.

Mr Mahoney later admitted to driving without due care and attention.

As a result of the crash, Mr Carr's wife has had to give up work to care for him and the pair have moved into a new house, spending £400,000 making adaptations to it.

Paralysed below the chest, Mr Carr spent time at Project Walk in the US, a non-profit organisation that aims to provide an improved quality of life for people with spinal cord injuries.