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Employee was unfairly dismissed, employment tribunal rules

Employee was unfairly dismissed, employment tribunal rules

A councillor has received compensation after an employment tribunal ruled his sacking from his position at Three Ways Community Centre had been unfair.

Peter Hedges, who is a member of Elstree and Borehamwood Town Council, lost his job in March last year after working at the centre for three years, the Borehamwood Times reports.

The tribunal ruled that Three Ways Community Association had unfairly dismissed Mr Hedges because it did not comply with the statutory dismissal procedures laid out in the Employment Act 2002.

It declared: "The claimant was not, by letter, invited to a dismissal meeting. Nor did they, the association, hold a dismissal meeting or give the claimant a right of appeal. That is sufficient to render the claimant's dismissal unfair."

Recently, reported that the government is currently looking into developing a fast-track employment tribunal system designed to process simple monetary claims.