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Cage accepts public apology in libel case

Cage accepts public apology in libel case

Award-winning actor Nicholas Cage, famed for appearances in films such as Face Off and The Family Man, has accepted a public apology from Kathleen Turner.

The case concerned comments made by the actress in her autobiography which suggested that Cage had been arrested twice for drink-driving while they were in the process of making the film Peggy Sue Got Married over a decade ago.

Cage accused her of "defamation, libel and slander", the BBC reports.

Along with publishing firm Headline and Associated Newspapers - which published extracts of the book in the Daily Mail - Turner has made a substantial donation to charity.

The payment will be made to the National Adult Protective Services Foundation.

Additionally, the Daily Mail has agreed to publish an apology and remove the article from its website, while Headline has said it will insert a correction and apology into copies of the autobiography.

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