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Wine critic fined in defamation case

Wine critic fined in defamation case
A wine critic has been issued with a fine of £1,583 after making false accusations against a one-time associate, it has been revealed.

According to, Robert Parker was issued with the fine after making defamatory statements about Hanna Agostini.

The case stems from claims made by Parker following the publication of Agostini's book The Anatomy of a Myth.

On his bulletin board, the critic stated that she was facing a potential fine of £0.7 million and a jail term of five years for fraud and misrepresentation, adding that the charges against her were "overwhelming".

Judge Philippe Jean-Draeher stated: "Such remarks, expressed without the least amount of reserve, are an incontestable attack on the presumption of innocence."

Parker, who currently cover the wines of the Rhone Valley, Provence, Bordeaux and California, resides in northern Maryland in the US with his wife Patricia and daughter Maia.