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Whistleblower wins unfair dismissal claim

Whistleblower wins unfair dismissal claim

A former finance manager has won his claim of unfair dismissal after losing his job in 2006.

Aeron Jones, who had worked for Cymad, was sacked after he reported the chief executive of the firm for forging two cheque stubs.

The executive in question, Elwyn Vaughan, was later found guilty of false accounting but still works for Cymad.

Mr Jones said he has been suffering from depression as a result of losing his job and has found it difficult to find other employment.

In the latest development, an employment tribunal in the north Wales town of Abergele has awarded him £30,425 based on loss of earnings and a further £10,000 towards his legal fees.

Commenting on the result, Mr Jones said: "I'm delighted that I've had this open tribunal after struggling for two and a half years to clear my name. At last I've been able to explain publicly what went on."