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New fast-track employment tribunal system may be implemented

New fast-track employment tribunal system may be implemented

The Labour administration is currently looking into developing a fast-track employment tribunal system designed to process simple monetary claims, reports.

In a response to a written parliamentary question concerning the issue, Pat McFadden, employment relations minister, earlier this month revealed that the proposed system would involve five jurisdictions and would remove the need for tribunal hearings in some cases.

Mr MacFadden, who was elected as the MP for Wolverhampton South East in the 2005 election, specified that the jurisdictions considered suitable are breach of contract, redundancy pay, holiday pay, unlawful deductions from wages and the national minimum wage.

He added that claims which fall within these jurisdictions but are combined with any other areas will not be eligible for fast-tracking.

The system is being proposed as a means of speeding up and removing the need for lay members in simple cases.