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Actor Max Beesley accepts undisclosed libel damages

Actor Max Beesley accepts undisclosed libel damages

Max Beesley has accepted undisclosed libel damages over claims that he tried to line up three women to have sex with, the Daily Star reports.

The actor, who is perhaps best known for his role as Charlie in the British TV drama Hotel Babylon, had begun legal proceedings against Popbitch, a firm which circulates a weekly celebrity gossip email.

His grievances stemmed from an article in October 2007 which alleged that Beesley had attempted to line up the women while at a TV industry party in Cannes.

According to the Daily Star, Popbitch has now accepted that the allegations were false and agreed to publish an apology, as well as pay "substantial damages" to the actor and cover his expenses.

Meanwhile, Popbitch's solicitor, James Quartermaine, stated that the organisation "sincerely apologised" for the embarrassment caused by the article, which it accepted was not true.

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