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Theft victim gets £5k compensation

Theft victim gets £5k compensation

A man who gave a home to the managers of a flooded pub has received compensation worth £5,000 after he was burgled by a member of the family.

Dog breeder Kenneth Sinclair from Malvern took in the Bartlett family for two months until their pub dried out

Last summer's floods in the West Midlands area was caused by two weeks' worth of rain falling in 45 minutes.

However, Simon Bartlett, the son of the pub managers, carried out a £5,500 burglary at Mr Sinclair's cottage. The part-time barman apparently wrenched a safe out of the bedroom wall.

Mr Bartlett was given told to pay £5,000 in compensation and was given a 12-month jail sentence suspended for 18 months, reports the Malvern Gazette.

He was told to undertake a drug rehabilitation course as it is thought a drug debt was the reason why he carried out the burglary on the man who took in his family.

Mr Bartlett eventually handed himself in to the police, claiming he could not live with the guilt of his crime.