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CIPD 'disappointed over government stance on flexible working rights'

CIPD 'disappointed over government stance on flexible working rights'

The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has expressed disappointment over what it describes as government reluctance to extend flexible employment rights to include more parents.

Recently, business secretary John Hutton warned that a backlash may be launched by employers if the right to request flexible working was extended, reports.

Commenting on the Labour administration's stance, CIPD employee relations adviser Mike Emmott said: "The government's own figures show overwhelming support by employers for the legislation, with nine out of ten employers already willing to consider a request to change working patterns from any employee."

Earlier this week, reported CIPD research which indicated that UK employers are divided over the issue of employment rights for temporary agency workers.

According to the findings, while 27 per cent of firms expressed the belief that agency workers should qualify for the same employment rights as staff on permanent contracts, 37 per cent said that the extension of such rights would have a negative impact on their business.