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Carers 'could file claims under disability discrimination laws'

Carers 'could file claims under disability discrimination laws'

A landmark disability case means that a surge in the number of carers filing discrimination claims is likely to occur, experts have said.

Last week, an advocate-general at the European Court of Justice said that sacked worker Sharon Coleman suffered 'discrimination by association' because she had to take time off to look after her disabled son.

Legal experts have said that businesses will need to scrutinise their flexible working practices and make sure they are not discriminating against workers who are also carers, reports Personnel Today.

"This case will produce a major shift in the workplace. If employers want to retain their employees, this is common sense," commented Kate Groucutt, senior policy officer at Carers UK, a charity.

According to Help the Aged, carers play a "vital role" in the wellbeing of the people they look after, but few receive the support and "they deserve".