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Senior sales exec wins sex discrimination claim

Senior sales exec wins sex discrimination claim

A senior sales executive who was told by her former boss that she would be "useless" after becoming pregnant has won her claim of sex discrimination.

Louise Manning was being groomed for a directorship by managing director Nick Medlam after being recruited for a £55,000-a-year sales job at Safetell, a provider of bullet-resistant rising screens.

After informing him that she had become unexpectedly pregnant, however, he told her she would be "useless" and would "never be the same again".

He later sent her a memo stating: "Feel betrayed … Tempted to dismiss and take the consequences."

Ms Manning was demoted while off on maternity leave and, after her return, she felt her new role was was inferior. She resigned from her position last October.

A tribunal has now ruled that Mr Medlam had discriminated against her 24 times and she is due for a payout of up to £200,000.