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Maximum unfair dismissal compensation 'soars'

Maximum unfair dismissal compensation 'soars'

The maximum amount handed out to victims of unfair dismissals has risen significantly over the last decade, it has been suggested.

According to Consult Gee, the highest compensation award in such cases has increased by 473 per cent over the ten-year period, reports.

Whereas in 1998, the most a victim of unfair dismissal could receive was £11,000, this figure has now risen to £60,000 and is set to go up to £63,000 in February.

Stuart Chamberlain, employment law expert at Consult GEE, stated: "For a disgruntled ex-employee, the prospect of a potential windfall that is nearly three times the average annual wage is ... alluring."

Figures produced earlier this month by YouGov on behalf of Croner revealed that the number of employment tribunals taking place in Britain rose by 15 per cent over the last year, with age identified as the most prolific discrimination-related grievance among workers.