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Job candidates encouraged to know their rights

Job candidates encouraged to know their rights

Employment candidates have been urged to find out about their rights when it comes to interviews.

According to UK consumer body Which?, many interviewees are confused about their rights concerning what employers can and cannot ask them.

It has therefore produced a CV and Interview Handbook which reveals that, under discrimination legislation, firms cannot ask questions concerning a range of issues, such as age, religious views and length of experience.

Employers who violate the rules can expect to pay a fine and discrimination payouts are unlimited.

"Long gone are the bad old days when a nervous interviewee had to answer all sorts of questions about their lifestyle and their personal views, rather than their ability to do the job," stated Sue Tumelty, author of the Which? CV and Interview Handbook.

Other issues that must be avoided during the recruitment process include sexual orientation, marital status and trade union membership.