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High-profile businessman launches libel claim

High-profile businessman launches libel claim

A high-profile businessman from Lincolnshire has launched a libel claim of up to £50,000 against East Lindsey District Council (ELDC), the Skegness Standard reports.

John Woodward, the boss of Blue Anchor Leisure - a provider of new and used caravans - is claiming damages from the council and its chief executive Nigel Howells.

The grievance is in respect to the contents of an email, which Mr Woodward believes to have been defamatory to both his reputation and that of his business.

A writ was served to Mr Howells in dramatic fashion by a bailiff who approached him at the start of a council meeting, attracting the attention of ELDC chairman councillor Janet Harrison who subsequently sought clarification.

Mr Howells stated: "I think I know what it is about but it's not something to be made public, nor is it on the agenda for this meeting."

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