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Finance chief awarded £58k for unfair sacking

Finance chief awarded £58k for unfair sacking

A former finance chief for Camden Council has been awarded £58,000 after an employment tribunal ruled that he had been unfairly targeted for redundancy.

Joe Laidler was laid off during a sweeping cost-cutting drive implemented by the inner London council in a contentious move authorised last year.

The council's attempt to cut back on spending saw 350 posts axed and the 59-year-old claimed he had received "curious differential treatment" during the process, the Camden New Journal reports.

Mr Laidler commented: "I gave my life to Camden but I was unfairly targeted. This didn't need to happen. I think there should be an inquiry at the council to see how this could happen and to stop it happening again to anybody else."

As well as Mr Laidler's compensation, the council has been ordered to cover the cost of external legal advice brought to defend his position.