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Female assistant general manager claims sex discrimination

Female assistant general manager claims sex discrimination

A female assistant general manager from Stockport has claimed she was the victim of sex discrimination, the Manchester Evening News reports.

Catherine Sheppard had worked for Bohle - a company that manufactures a range of glass products - before being made redundant.

During an employment tribunal in Manchester, she accused the firm of treating her unfairly and in a hostile manner after she told her boss she had become pregnant.

Ms Sheppard gave birth to a stillborn girl in July 2006, the father of whom was a colleague of the 42-year-old.

During the hearing, managing director Gary Dean denied he reacted angrily to the news of the pregnancy but admitted he was annoyed when he learned from other staff that Ms Sheppard was having a relationship with a junior employee.

Bohle UK accept that her dismissal was unfair but deny it was a result of her pregnancy. The hearing continues.