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Woman fights for compensation after crash

Woman fights for compensation after crash

A woman who sustained serious injuries in a car crash has launched a legal battle for compensation of £300,000, Bedford Today reports.

Sarah Roscoe, from Biggleswade, was involved in the accident in January 2003 and suffered spinal fractures, a head injury, severe chest injuries and complications with her sight.

Additionally, while in hospital, she contracted MRSA, a potentially life-threatening bacterial infection often referred to as a superbug.

According to the 25-year-old, she will now require a wheelchair for the rest of her life and feels demoralised and depressed, as well as living in constant pain.

Ms Roscoe is claiming damages from motorist Martin Nicholas and the Motor Insurers Bureau, which was established in 1946 to compensate the victims of negligent, untraced and uninsured drivers.

She accuses Mr Nicholas, whose car she was a passenger in, of negligence, saying he drove too fast and in a dangerous manner.