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Family to sue after holiday transport disruption

Family to sue after holiday transport disruption

A family from Wales are to sue after suffering two days of disruption on their return from the US, the Daily Post reports.

Mother Melanie Phillips, along with her parents and two sons, was supposed to catch a flight from Florida to the UK, a trip that should have taken around seven hours.

Half way across the Atlantic, however, the Pilot announced that he would have to turn the plane around due to a technical fault.

The following day, the family boarded another plane, which also had to turn back to Florida mid-flight due to a technical problem.

On the third day, they were flown from Orlando to Gatwick, but had to collect their luggage and check in and out for a flight to Manchester, despite having been assured this would not be necessary.

Commenting on the events, Ms Phillips stated: "Everything was a shambles … They treated us like sheep. It was hell. An airport manager screamed: 'Shut up! shut up!' at one of the passengers in front of the children. Nobody should behave like that."

The family is now claiming compensation from XL and Travel City, which organises packaged holidays to Florida and the Caribbean, among other places.