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Family of murdered woman to sue prison bosses

Family of murdered woman to sue prison bosses
The family of a woman killed in her home by a prisoner on unsupervised leave from an open jail are to sue prison bosses.

Catherine Thomson, 26, was stabbed in the jugular vein, which is found in the neck and drains blood from the head, face, brain and neck and conveys it towards the heart.

A subsequent inquiry found that the killer, John Campbell - who was Ms Campbell's boyfriend's brother - should have been subject to a risk assessment prior to being given leave.

Last month, sheriff Thomas Millar ruled Ms Thomson's death could have been avoided.

Her family are now taking legal action against the Scottish Prison Service.

Commenting to the Daily Mail, Catherine Thomson's sister stated: "Nothing we can do will bring Catherine back but we're suing the prison service because we want to ensure that the public are protected from monsters like Campbell."