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Crash victim receives £3.9m

Crash victim receives £3.9m
The victim of a road accident has won £3.9 million compensation following a successful claim, the Sunderland Echo reports.

Lynda Hodgson was being driven by her husband Michael Dickson, whom she has since divorced, at the time of the crash.

The incident occurred on the A1 - which connects London with Edinburgh - and left her unable to care for herself.

Now 55, she resides at the home of her mother Mary Hodgson, who has given over her life to care for her.

Prior to the accident, Ms Hodgson had a career at Ski-Bound. However, she now requires intensive professional care and will never work again.

The settlement figure was agreed upon by Mr Dickson's motor insurers.

Commenting on the sum, Mr Justice Keith said: "I believe it is a fair one and one which I can safely and properly approve. I wish Ms Hodgson and her family all good fortune for the future."