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Worker fall costs company in court

Worker fall costs company in court
A company from Liverpool has been made to pay in excess of £11,000 at a court hearing after one of its workers fell from a roof.

The incident occurred in October 2004 when Darren Lawler, a roofing sub-contractor, was working on top of a building.

He slipped and fell from the roof, only just missing a spiked fence and some piles of bricks. Upon impact with the ground, Mr Lawler sustained serious head and facial injuries.

At a hearing in Bootle Magistrates Court, his employer, Copelare, pleaded guilty to breaching health and safety laws and was fined£5,000 and ordered to pay costs of £6,783.

Commenting on the incident, Health and Safety Executive (HSE) inspector Wayne Crumpton stated that a barrier should have been constructed around the edge of the roof.

"The barrier should have been fastened securely to the structure so that there were no gaps between the barrier and the roof edge through which a person could fall," he added.

According to HSE statistics, 45 people died from a fall from height at work in 2006-07.