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Stressed teacher suing for £800k

Stressed teacher suing for £800k
A drama teacher is suing her former employers for £800,000, claiming her students' behaviour made her ill, the Daily Record reports.

Rosemary Fletcher, who used to teach at Islay High School, which currently has 267 pupils, says she suffered anxiety and depression because of problems she experienced with her class.

The 40-year-old alleges that she was subjected to abusive behaviour by students from September 2000 and that nothing was done about the situation for nine months.

She has been unable to return to the profession since and is suing for lost earnings.

According to Ms Fletcher, she sought medical help after experiencing "tearfulness, suicidal ideas, anxiety, panic attacks, inability to face people and exhaustion".

A judge at the Court of Session in Edinburgh has ruled that her case against Argyll and Bute Council can go to a hearing of evidence, saying that the behaviour of her class was clearly affecting her emotional stability.