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Retired solicitor wins £13k compensation for friend

Retired solicitor wins £13k compensation for friend
An 89-year-old former solicitor who retired from the profession 25 years ago has successfully secured £13,560 in compensation for her friend.

Vivien Symons decided to make a final appearance in the courtroom after her friend, Mary Sylvester, suffered a broken leg and arm when she was knocked down by a man in the centre of Bath last year.

Both Ms Symons and Ms Sylvester thought that the man, who fled the scene without stopping, was trying to steal her handbag.

Ms Symons applied to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA), a body responsible for the administration of criminal injuries compensation, saying her friend should be treated as a victim of crime.

Despite two failed applications, she persisted and prepared a case with the help of evidence supplied by a police officer who had attended the scene.

Eventually, at a tribunal hearing in Bristol, Ms Symons' dedication was vindicated and she won the case.