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London tribunal hears race discrimination claim

London tribunal hears race discrimination claim

The former head of the Gwent Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) has told a central London employment tribunal that she lost her job as a result of victimisation and racial discrimination.

Madhu Rai had been disciplined over allegations that she bullied administrative staff and was subsequently asked to leave her position.

She told the hearing, however, that complaints she made about the internal investigation conducted into the allegations against her were repeatedly ignored, adding that her dismissal was "biased".

Ms Rai stated: "The decision to suddenly abort the investigation had serious consequences. It led to the perverse and biased decision by Paul Whitaker (another crown prosecutor) to terminate my contract."

She added that other white crown prosecutors in situations similar to her own had not been treated in the same way. The hearing is ongoing.

The CPS is a government department, with responsibilities over criminal prosecutions for cases investigated by police in England and Wales.