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Hospital fined after boy sustains brain injury

Hospital fined after boy sustains brain injury

Bosses at West Cumberland Hospital have agreed to pay damages of £3.6 million after an incident which left a boy with cerebral palsy, the News & Star reports.

The condition is characterised by a lack of muscle control and movement and can cause a range symptoms, including seizures, learning disorders and hyperactivity.

Born in February 2000, the child suffered a profound and permanent brain injury because the medical team in charge of his delivery failed to notice that he was being starved of oxygen while still in his mother's womb.

The damages were awarded during a hearing in Preston Crown Court and are intended to help pay for the specialist care and equipment that the family requires to look after the boy.

Commenting on the family's ordeal, father Alan Crawford stated: "I was there during the birth and I could tell that things weren't right: they seemed to have limited staff and there weren't enough people there at crucial times."