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Employers 'not doing enough for disabled staff'

Employers 'not doing enough for disabled staff'

Over 90 per cent of employers in Britain may be at risk of contravening disability discrimination laws, according to new research.

Figures produced by the Employers' Forum on Disability (EFD) indicate that, of the firms it surveyed, only eight per cent have an effective reasonable adjustment policy in place.

Companies are required by law to implement adjustments in order to enable disabled employees to work as effectively as their non-disabled counterparts.

EFD chief executive Susan Scott-Parker commented: "The results of the disability standard are clear - employers are still not doing enough to ensure reasonable adjustments for their disabled staff."

This is despite the fact that it the legal obligation of firms and that most adjustments are not costly to implement, she added.

Founded in 1986, the EFD has nearly 400 members and is funded and managed by employers. It represents organisations that employ approximately a quarter of the UK's workers.