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Councillor succeeds in unfair dismissal claim

Councillor succeeds in unfair dismissal claim

A councillor has won her legal battle against her former employer, the Bradford Telegraph and Argus reports.

Lynne Smith was claiming unfair dismissal against Bradford West MP Marsha Singh after she lost her job as the MP's office manager in February.

The tribunal heard how relations between the two had deteriorated when 53-year-old Mr Singh backtracked on an agreement to support her in disciplining co-worker Adrian Longthorn, who had been suspended.

Ms Smith alleged that, upon Mr Longthorn's return to work, her own position became untenable.

Following the hearing, Ms Smith stated: "Justice has been done. The allegations made at the hearing were exceedingly distressing.

"My role as a councillor continues to be important and with this out of the way I will be able to concentrate on that even more."

A remedy hearing has been scheduled for February to award her with appropriate compensation for loss of earnings.