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Compensation win for soldier's wife

Compensation win for soldier's wife

The wife of a former Northern Ireland terrorist has won a landmark legal battle following his death in a street fight almost a decade ago.

Anne-Marie McCallion, from Carnhill in County Londonderry, launched a judicial review after the government refused to award her a criminal injuries claim because of her husband's terrorism convictions.

Ms McCallion, a mother of four children, was granted the review on the basis that the government's decision breached the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child.

Mr Justice Morgan told the high court that "there is an arguable case that the decision to refuse compensation is a breach of the convention", reports the Belfast Telegraph.

He said the arguments put forward on behalf of the government are "insufficient to establish that there was no such breach" and stated that the original decision must be quashed.

The UN has said its children's rights convention is non-negotiable and compliance is the responsibility of both individual and governments.