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Firm pays out after worker is buried alive

Firm pays out after worker is buried alive
A construction firm based in Paisley, Scotland has been fined £100,000 following an incident in which a worker died, the Daily Record reports.

In November 2004, father-of-three Kevin West was laying pipes at a housing development in Hamilton when a trench collapsed and buried him alive.

Fellow workers battled to free him but, unfortunately, were unable to do so. The 36-year-old suffocated as he lay trapped under the fallen earth.

The prosecutor told a hearing at Hamilton Sheriff Court that another worker, Anthony McBride, had parked a dumper truck too close to the edge of the trench, resulting in the collapse.

He added that, at the time of the incident, Mr McBride was not qualified to drive the truck and also sheets that should have been used to sure up the trench walls were not in place.

The fine imposed on the company would have been heavier had they not admitted to breaches of health and safety.