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Employment test case goes to European court of justice

Employment test case goes to European court of justice

A mother whose son suffers from congenital respiratory problems is set take her employers to a test case at the European court of justice in Luxembourg, the Guardian reports.

Sharon Coleman, a 41-year-old single mother, alleges that her London-based employers Attridge Law treated her less favourably than her colleagues due to her son's disability.

According to the former legal secretary, she was prevented from returning to her old job following a period of maternity leave, was subjected to abusive and insulting comments and was not accorded flexibility on a par with mothers of non-disabled children when their children were ill.

Ms Coleman claims that the situation got so bad that she felt she had to resign from her position.

The case, which is due to be heard tomorrow (October 9th), could influence the employment rights of thousands of people who care for disabled relatives.