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B&Q fined after shopper injury

B&Q fined after shopper injury
B&Q has received a fine of £15,000 after a customer sustained injuries while shopping in one of its stores, the Littlehampton Gazette reports.

The DIY and garden centre retailer was ordered to pay the amount by Judge William Wood at Chichester Crown Court as a result of the incident, which occurred in 2004.

Stuart Lednor, a 48-year-old carpenter, was shopping in B&Q's Broadwater store when he was struck on the shoulder by a falling box of kitchen cupboard doors.

The force of the impact broke his right thigh and caused him to fall, hitting his head on a shelf and leaving him in need of three stitches.

Subsequently, another box fell on him, resulting in his ankle being fractured.

Mr Lednor was unable to walk without crutches until 2005 and is unlikely ever to be able to return to work.

His partner Julie Forrest, along with another customer, was also struck by falling boxes.