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NHS Trust pays £2.75m to disabled boy

A boy who was left brain damaged after being born prematurely has been awarded almost £3 million in compensation.

The boy was delivered eight weeks premature at Royal Cornwall Hospital, BBC Online reports.

His father sued the local NHS Trust on the grounds that he could have been spared his condition if doctors had given him phototherapy shortly after his birth.

However, instead he was moved to another unit of the hospital, where he developed jaundice.

The jaundice then developed into Kernicterus, which causes quadriplegic cerebral palsy.

The Trust did not admit liability but was ordered to pay compensation of £2.75 million.

Mr Justice Lloyd-Jones said: "These events have been tragic so far as you all are concerned. The consequences were catastrophic.

"Nothing can turn back the clock. But it is to be hoped that you will be able to look ahead and make the best of it.

"This young man is fortunate in one respect: the devoted love and care of his parents."