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HIV couple's case to be fought in UK

HIV couple's case to be fought in UK
A Welsh couple who contracted HIV through contaminated blood products have won the right to have their case heard in British courts.

Haydn Lewis, who is haemophiliac, contracted HIV after he was given contaminated blood products, manufactured by an American company. He was diagnosed with the condition in 1985.

His wife Gaynor was then subsequently infected.

The case against the companies responsible for manufacturing the drug will be heard through the British soil following a decision from a US judge.

The couple's case follows findings that during the 1970s and 1980s around 5,000 people were exposed to hepatitis C, of whom more than 1,200 then contracted HIV.

In 1991, a settlement was reached between the UK government and haemophiliacs who had been administered the drugs. However, Mr Lewis and his wife are contesting that the compensation payment was insufficient.

Since then, subsequent governments have offered settlements of up to £60,000 to haemophiliac patients, but have not admitted liability for the infections.