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Education worker claims unfair dismissal

Education worker claims unfair dismissal

An education worker living in London is set to bring a claim against the London Borough of Camden Council for unfair dismissal.

Salik Miah, who is being represented by Arpita Dutt of Russell Jones & Walker, says he was the victim of race discrimination and victimisation, Work Place Law reports.

Mr Miah had been employed as an education worker, a role that involved ensuring that young people known to a youth offending team were either in full-time education, training or employment.

In 2005, his employers sent him an IQ assessment on the basis that it concerned development training. They then produced a critical report of his capabilities.

Mr Miah claims that he was at a disadvantage in terms of the assessment because English is not his first language.

Additionally, he alleges that the council did not offer him any support.

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