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BA faces law suit over luggage

BA faces law suit over luggage
British Airways may be forced to pay damages running into millions of pounds after a US law firm has filed a class action complaint against it, the Times reports.

Complaints against the airline include a case in which passengers Donald and Joan Smith, who were travelling from Chicago to Naples via Heathrow, discovered upon arrival in Italy that some of their baggage was missing.

The complaint alleges that Ms Smith, who only had the clothes she was wearing, was "forced to spend valuable vacation time searching, in vain, for comparable replacement items".

It is also claimed that Mr Smith spent hundreds of dollars in phone calls attempting to get assistance from BA in locating their missing possessions.

After two weeks, the couple finally found their baggage in a lost luggage area at Naples airport but it had been damaged beyond repair by water.

BA was recently fined £152 million for colluding over fuel surcharges.