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Sacked supermarket worker awarded £2k compensation

Sacked supermarket worker awarded £2k compensation

A former supermarket worker who was sacked after posting a video of his workmates on YouTube has been awarded over £2,000 in compensation.

Craig Taylor, 24, was working at Somerfield in Aberdeen when his bosses discovered he had posted the video which showed one of this colleagues being hit on the head with a plastic bag stuffed with other plastic bags.

He was sacked following a disciplinary hearing, after Somerfield claimed that the video had brought the grocery giant into disrepute.

However, the employment tribunal rejected the claim and awarded compensation of £2,283 on the grounds that Mr Taylor had been unfairly dismissed.

Mr Taylor had told the court that he had not been present at the time when the video was filmed and that the clip had been uploaded on a colleague's mobile phone.

He also claimed that he had been drunk when he uploaded the clip to the website.