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Sacked rail-worker seeks compensation

Sacked rail-worker seeks compensation

A rail-worker who was sacked from his job after challenging a group of misbehaving youths, is suing his former employers for unfair dismissal.

Robbie Moran, 48, was working as a train guard for Southeastern when he told one of the youths to take their feet off the seats.

A fight ensued, which was only broken up when both he and his aggressor were arrested.

A month after the incident, however, Mr Moran was sacked by his employers despite all charges being dropped in the meantime.

Mr Moran, who claims that his sacking has ruined his life, told the BBC: "The company are always concerned about customer care," he said.

"But walking away and abandoning your passengers to someone that's being aggressive, that's not customer care to me.

"They will have your fares off you but you will have to look after yourself while you're on the train."

At the time of his disciplinary hearing, Southeastern told Mr Moran that he should have walked away from the trouble.