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Parents launch legal action against health authority

Parents launch legal action against health authority
A Norwich family has claimed that hospital staff at the birth of their son were partly to blame for their offspring's brain damage.

As a result, the child's mother Alyisha Gossland and her relatives have launched legal action against the East of England Strategic Health Authority, reports the Norwich Evening News.

The case, in which damages of £300,000 are being claimed, relates back to the birth in 1991 of Ms Gossland's son, Omar, who is now 16.

Ms Gossland claims that hospital staff at the former Norfolk and Norwich Hospital did not take into account the size of her child, the risks associated with a forceps delivery and the possibility of her having a Caesarean section.

A spokesman for the National Health Service Litigation Authority (NHSLA) told the newspaper: "This is a very long and complex claim and so in effect it could be another couple of years yet before it comes to court."

The NHSLA has a risk management programme in place, which aims to raise standards of care in the NHS and therefore reduce the amount of incidents which lead to claims.