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Man falsely accused of being a suicide bomber

Man falsely accused of being a suicide bomber
A Reading man is suing Homebase after he claims that he was falsely accused of being a suicide bomber on the day of his aunt's funeral.

Rohel Miah, 29, of Franklin Avenue, has issued a writ in the High Court for aggravated damages after the incident at the Homebase store in Calcot in February.

Speaking to the Reading Evening Post Mr Miah said that he was in the store to purchase some wood to use in the burial of his aunt and he left his wallet and keys inside before rushing out of the store to get to the funeral.

He returned to pick up the wood, only to receive a phone call telling him that there was no longer a use for the wood.

He apologised to the assistant and as he was leaving was told that he had previously left his wallet and keys.

Speaking to the Reading Evening Post Mr Miah said: "A man and a woman came up to me and the woman asked me why I had run out of the store the previous time. I explained that I was going to my aunt’s funeral and I was late. She said the store had called the police about it and had been told that the way I behaved was like a suicide bomber or a terrorist."

Mr Miah removed his coat to show that he was not a bomber, and tried to exit the store, however the doors were closed and he could not leave.

He phoned the police after he had left the store to report the matter.
Homebase have said they will vigorously defend any claim against them.

According to Homebase, shop staff dialled 999 when Mr Miah became aggressive, they say that the doors were not lucked but that Mr Miah tried to exit through the wrong door and subsequently broke it.

Speaking to the Reading Evening Post, Homebase said: " Shop staff did not take Mr Miah’s wallet, the first they heard of it was when the police asked them about Mr Miah’s allegation two weeks later."

They said: "Homebase is proud of the tolerance shown and service provided by its staff, and very much regrets Mr Miah’s misguided attempt to extract money from the company."