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Hospital bosses pay out six-figure sum

Hospital bosses pay out six-figure sum

Hospital chiefs have paid out a six-figure sum to a man who sued for negligence after he suffered a misdiagnosis of a perforated appendix.

Self-employed chartered surveyor Phillip Russell was awarded clinical negligence compensation following an out of court settlement with the Winchester and Eastleigh Healthcare NHS Trust.

Mr Russell was commuting to London in 2003 when he fell ill. He began suffering from abdominal pains and was admitted to hospital where he was told, following a series of tests, that he would need to undergo exploratory surgery.

In fact, his appendix had already perforated and signs of this were visible on an ultra-sound scan, according to Mr Russell's solicitor.

The damages awarded to him cover the pain, suffering, loss of earnings and potential future health complications.

A perforated appendix is usually caused by appendicitis and the condition can lead to an infection of the entire lining of the pelvis and abdomen.

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