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Greg Norman threatens to sue wife for libel

Greg Norman threatens to sue wife for libel

Golfer Greg Norman is threatening to sue his wife for libel after their divorce was splashed across the newspapers.

Laura Norman's attorneys accused the golfer previously known as 'The Shark' of cutting her credit cards and changing the locks in an effort to coerce her into signing a settlement between the two.

But Mr Norman has responded by describing the comments as intentionally creating a bad image of him as a husband in the media in order to control the divorce suit proceedings.

His attorney filed an official response on Wednesday reserving the right to bring legal action against his wife for libel and/or defamation of character.

Mr Norman's attorney said that he had bought his wife a £2 million house in Palm Beach Island and a deposit for a second home, showing his previous financial commitment.

The locks he explained by arguing they had previously been changed by Laura Norman secretly on her own.

Allegations over the cancelled credit cards were denied.

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