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Four Nestle workers awarded compensation for RSI

Four Nestle workers awarded compensation for RSI
Four men have received compensation after developing tennis elbow while working at a coffee factory.

The men picked up the RSI while digging out coffee cyclones which had become blocked at the firm's Tutbury plant.

The extent of the blockage meant that heavy-duty equipment was used, with the process often taking as long as three to four days.

Steven Davis, who received £11,000 in compensation, said: "To give an indication of how big the blockages can be, we have to use a steel bar, a crow bar and even a jack hammer to break them up.

"I believe that Nestle are to blame for my injuries as the effort needed to carry out these unblocking processes is excessive and one where you have to constantly hack away to get the blockages free."

Tennis elbow is caused by repetitive strain on the joint caused by lifting and twisting the wrist.