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Council worker awarded £45k for ladder fall

Council worker awarded £45k for ladder fall
A man who broke both feet after suffering a fall while working for the council has been awarded £45,000 in compensation.

Michael Morgan, 61, of Dyfed, incurred his injuries after falling from an unsecured ladder while working as a mason for Pembrokeshire County Council.

He had been installing windows on a council maintained property at the time when the ladder sank into the ground, causing his accident.

As a result, he was left in severe pain, which still flares up in cold weather, and was forced to use a wheelchair for six months.

Regional UNISON secretary, Paul O’Shea, told Workplace Law: "Working at heights can be extremely dangerous and employers must make adequate provision for staff working in such circumstances. Mr Morgan’s injuries meant that he had to be medically retired from work.

"This accident would not have occurred if he had been provided with the right equipment or assistance."