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Brit tourists struck down by killer bug

Brit tourists struck down by killer bug
Hundreds of British tourists have been struck down by a killer bug while holidaying in the Caribbean, it has been reported.

The outbreak of what is believed to be amoebic dysentry has affected up to 200 holiday-makers at the Bahia Principe San Juan complex in the Dominican Republic.

The bug - an infection of the gut and liver linked to consuming water and food contaminated with excrement - has seen many guests taken to hospital suffering from diarrhoea and sickness.

However, according to guest Kelly Boulsfied, 30, many of those struck down with the bug are being forced to pay up to £400 for treatment.

She told the Sun: "My mum is a nurse and she is worried that people are going to die. The hotel are trying to play it down. They are offering better rooms and care if they sign a form to say they won’t sue."

Guests holidaying in the hotel are deemed likely to seek compensation, which legal experts predict could run into millions of pounds.