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Widow of chip-shop fitter awarded £300,000 compensation

Widow of chip-shop fitter awarded £300,000 compensation
A woman whose husband died from exposure to asbestos during his job as a chip-shop fitter has won compensation of £300,000 in a hearing at the High Court.

Colin Bryenton was employed by Halifax Fisheries between 1966 and 1990, during which time his work installing cooking ranges led him to inhale asbestos while breaking up sheets of the material.

As a result, he contracted malignant mesothelioma, from which he died during 2003 aged 53.

His wife Anita Bryenton, of Guildway, Warley, Halifax was awarded the compensation payment after the firm accepted liability in April and subsequently agreed to settle.

It was also recommended by Judge Seymour QC that £5,000 should go to each of Mr Bryneton's sons.

News of the case comes after laws governing compensation for asbestos-related diseases have recently been amended to facilitate claims from people who contracted the conditions through physical contact with their spouses or family members.