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Tribunal awards sacked potato worker £13k compensation

Tribunal awards sacked potato worker £13k compensation

A Scottish potato worker who was sacked after being accused of racially abusing fellow employees has been awarded £13,000 in compensation.

James Dawson was employed at Meighle-based Peter C Grewar as a forklift driver before being dismissed in October.

His sacking followed complaints that he had behaved abusively towards Polish workers.

Meanwhile, the fact that he had refused to continue as a first-aider and would not work overtime was also cited as reasons for the termination of his employment.

However, Mr Dawson told the court that he had cut the hours he worked on medical advice following his being diagnosed with heart disease and high blood pressure and said that one incident when he had abused one of the company's eastern European workers had been nothing more than a misunderstanding.

The manager of the company had countered that he was unaware of Mr Dawson's condition.

Compensation was awarded after the tribunal accepted Mr Dawson's account of events and ruled that he had been discriminated against because of his disability and had been the victim of unfair dismissal.

The process of his sacking was deemed to be inherently unfair by the tribunal since the company had not adhered to legal procedures.